The Internet of You – Remember Me’s Viral Video

Robots Gone Bad - Remember Me, devinsupertramp

Does anyone still remember that TED 2023 video which came out in the months leading up to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus? It was a smart way of setting up the lore, sharing the vision of the man behind a company that would later gain notoriety in Aliens. I’m bringing this up because Capcom has given the same treatment to their upcoming action-adventure game, Remember Me.

Collaborating with YouTube filmmaker Devin Graham, the five-minute video is a montage of Graham’s clips accompanying a speech by Antoine Cartier-Wells, founder of Memorize. If you haven’t been keeping up with Remember Me’s story so far, Memorize is the mega-corporation that the protagonist faces off against in a quest to get her memories back.

This joins Capcom’s other promotional effort: an interactive journal that captures key moments in Cartier-Well’s life. All very impressive but let’s hope Capcom keeps the advertising budget in check, lest they start making unrealistic sales expectations (again).


Ade Putra

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