Pokemon Summer Battle Arena This Weekend!

Pokemon is serious business.

Come this weekend, competitive Pokemon players for both the video and trading card game will duke it out at Funan Digitalife Mall. The Summer Battle Arena, held over 16th and 17th June 2012, will comprise of the TCG National Championships 2012 and the Video Game Elite Four Competition, where the official Elite Four of Singapore will be chosen.

Winners of the Video Game Elite Four Competition not only get the prestige of being the Elite Four in Singapore. They also win snazzy prizes like a 3DS handheld, game coupons, and their very own, life-defining Elite Four medal :p

Pokemon is a lot more than just catching them all. Playing Pokemon competitively can be as complicated as thinking up a good opening for your StarCraft II race of choice. Just watch this video!

Be prepared for some truly mind-blowing battles this weekend. The Summer Battle Arena has admission starting from 10am and will wrap up officially at 7pm on both days.

Read more about the event, organized by Team Robo’s Ng Soon Aik, over here.

(Photo: TeamRobo)