Metro: Last Light Gameplay Video

Apparently this won over 20 awards and nominations at E3 this year. We were unfortunately not privvy to that. But we do get a peek at Metro: Last Light’s unedited gameplay video from the showfloor!

Metro: Last Light is an FPS that sees you traversing the landscape of post-apocalyptic Moscow. It looks pretty, but this particular demo makes it feel more like an interactive story than a game.

In spite of this being a gameplay video, you get to ogle a burnt out Russia more than you get to actually see the gameplay. There’s a lot of walking around and pretty environments, but the little bit of gameplay that actually was showcased doesn’t make Metro: Last Light stand out from the other post-apoc FPSes on the market right now.

I love post-apocalyptic anything, so here’s hoping Metro: Last Light won’t disappoint.