Diablo III Has A Secret Area To Cater To The Little Girl In You

So a couple of people have pointed this out to me because I’m a fan of a certain TV series, and I, for one, find this hilarious, yet so wrong.

The developers at Blizzard apparently snuck this little level into Diablo III, coating it with high-vibrancy paint job and monsters in the form of teddy bears and unicorns. Dubbed Whimsyshire, the area is not to be taken lightly ad it seems low-level characters will be destroyed almost certainly. There are several requirements of fulfil before one can step into Whimsyshire (which I won’t reveal here).

Two cents: This is not so much a reference to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (that premiered in 2010) than the furore in 2008 over Diablo III’s new colour palette during its development along with the fact that there’s this whimsical T-Shirt on the Blizzard store handed out at Blizzcon 2008.