Review - EDF Iron Rain - 04

Review — Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain loses sight of the fun factor

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain had me utterly fooled. I came into this game with the impression that it was going to be a fun and carefree experience, shooting down giant bugs and robots with the biggest guns I can find. In the end, it proved to be a ...

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WWE 2K19 Launch Trailer

They’ve made a pretty slick launch trailer for WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 is about to make its ringside debut come 9 October, strutting out with a laundry list of additions and changes to certify that this is, indeed, an annual upgrade. Like anything WWE they’ve been steadily drumming up hype for the big day and, this time, it’s a ...

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WWE 2K18 sees the return of Nintendo and Kurt Angle

2K is bringing professional wrestling back to Nintendo, ending the WWE franchise’s five-year absence from the company since THQ’s collapse. Tasked with that duty is WWE 2K18, set to release in fall 2017 for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch release brings with it the same new features present ...

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wwe 2k17 pc

WWE 2K17 gets PC release on Feb. 8

WWE 2K17 is coming to PCs worldwide on Feb. 8, 2017, announced publisher 2K. Developed by long-time collaborators Yuke’s and Visual Concepts, WWE 2K17 holds “the largest roster in WWE video games history,” 26 of whom are completely new. In addition to the new roster – more than 130 ...

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WWE 2K14 Gets DLCs and Season Pass

Well, well. Who would have known that even wrestlers get downloadable content? 2K have announced that there’ll be DLCs for its brand of smackdown in WWE 2K14. There are three packs to be exact, each offering new characters and other bits and pieces. You’ll find the details below. Content ...

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