XCOM: Enemy Within Invades iOS and Android

A year after its launch on PC and consoles, Firaxis Games’ mesmerizing XCOM: Enemy Within is finally making its way to mobile devices. Its earlier iteration, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, worked spectacularly when it hit smartphones and tablets, making it one of the more memorable ports to mobile. Aside from ...

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The New Threat Behind XCOM: Enemy Within

Firaxis has a long tradition of releasing expansions, the purposes of which are normally twofold: to add new content and to improve on the old. XCOM: Enemy Within sticks with the formula, wheeling our attentions back to the clandestine fight for survival against alien invaders. Only this time, it’s not just ...

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XCOM Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within an Expansion After All

Not many do expansions these days but trust 2K and Firaxis to keep up with an appreciated tradition. XCOM: Enemy Within will be building upon the excellent Enemy Unknown of last year, adding a host of new content that would test veteran and new commanders alike. Let’s address the ...

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