DMC5 Special Edition Xbox One S

Don’t Miss: DMC5 Special Edition Xbox One S bundle and a great Game Pass Ultimate promo

Creating a limited-edition console for a game as stylish as Devil May Cry 5 honestly sounds intimidating, so I think Microsoft did a fine job with this Xbox One S bundle. Decked in a clean-looking gradient purple, this special Xbox One S (1TB) comes with a matching Xbox Wireless ...

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xbox game pass pc

Xbox Game Pass coming to PC with over 100 games

It looks like Xbox’s plans for the next generation heavily includes PC. Xbox head Phil Spencer recently announced that an Xbox Game Pass designed specially for PC players is coming, packing games from more than 75 publishers and developers. Coming to PC “Xbox Game Pass for PC will give ...

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Xbox Game Pass

April’s Xbox Game Pass brings us Monster Hunter: World and More!

Xbox owners rejoice! April promises to be a great month for those who have the Xbox Game Pass. The Game Pass catalogue is getting some major titles in the form of Monster Hunter: World (Available April 18), Prey (April 11) and Resident Evil 5 (April 18). The crown jewel ...

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Crackdown 3

Review: Crackdown 3 has gone out of date

Hush now. Lock your doors and barricade your windows. We’ve managed to acquire some classified information on the happenings in Crackdown 3 from a totally anonymous source. It’s pretty sensitive stuff, so we hope the Agency didn’t send a welcoming party. Developer Sumo Digital’s Crackdown series has had a ...

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Xbox releases bonus Game Pass titles for Halloween

Trick or treat, everyone! With the Halloween season coming up, gaming gets cooler and spookier than ever. Not to mention most platforms do roll out attractive sales for horror titles. This month, Xbox has included 4 bonus titles in the Xbox Game Pass, specially chosen to scare the living ...

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State of Decay 2 releases on 22 May, editions and prices revealed

Better start packing those bug-out bags. Two years after its initial reveal, Undead Labs’ State of Decay 2 has at last revealed a release date: 22 May 2018. It’ll come in Standard and Ultimate Edition flavours, with the latter providing early access, extra DLC, and a bonus console code ...

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Xbox Game Pass launches on 1 June, early access starts today

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Game Pass will begin its service on 1 June. Priced at $14.90 monthly, subscribers will get unlimited access to a catalog of more than 100 games, comprising of Xbox One and Xbox 360 backward compatible titles. There’s a 14-day trial for anyone curious, with ...

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Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass will come with a S$14.90 monthly subscription

Xbox gamers will soon have the opportunity to play over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games with a Netflix-style monthly subscription. Called the Xbox Game Pass, the new gaming subscription service will give players unlimited access to current Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 backwards compatible games. ...

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