Weekend Wrap: Quantum Break, PS4 Share Play, Funko Pop! Vinyl

Quantum Break – Extended Gameplay Video Remedy Entertainment is back to messing with time in their 2015 Xbox One release, Quantum Break. We’ve never had a good grasp on what it actually plays like until recently, when a gameplay trailer was shown at Gamescom 2014. Now we’ve got an ...

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Weekend Wrap 20/10/2014

Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 2.4 and ‘Heavensward’ Expansion Over in Las Vegas, Squre Enix treated fans at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival to two trailers for their multi-platform MMORPG. The first is a lengthy eight-minute video detailing all that the massive Patch 2.4 will bring. On top ...

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Weekend Wrap 13/10/2014

Sunset Overdrive – Gameplay Footage Insomniac Games are looking to release their third-person shooter Sunset Overdrive later this month on the 28th. Set in an open world city, the Xbox One exclusive sports many similarities to the studio’s other series, Ratchet & Clank. Featuring grind rails, crazy weapons and ...

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