Watch Dogs 2 Review (PS4) – A Good Come Back?

Being hacked sucks. I would know – a few years ago, I opened my email to find someone had made all these PlayStation purchases on my account for some FIFA DLCs even though the last time I touched a football game was when I was a kid. Anyway, so ...

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Hacking Is Your Smartphone: Don't Forget Your ctOS Companion App

[UPDATED] The long-awaited, highly-anticipated Watch_Dogs goes in stores from today, and while we can't talk jack about the game until the embargo is lifted, Ubisoft has an update about the ctOS Companion App, released for iOS at time of writing.

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Here’s the PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Bundle for Singapore

Ready to hit the streets of Chicago for some vigilante cyber-justice? Sensing opportunity, SCEH Singapore has announced the PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Bundle Pack releasing on 27 May for a suggested retail price of SG$709. Due to the global shortages it’s just going to be the regular PS4 set, ...

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