pagan online

Impressions: Pagan Online is a fun hack-and-slash tarnished by endless hero grinding

Wargaming’s new action-RPG Pagan Online is up on early access and I managed to get some time with it. It gave me heavy Warframe vibes with all the looting and grinding for new heroes, mixed in with some Diablo-like hack-and-slash gameplay. The core gameplay loop worked for me but only up ...

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world of warships space battles 01

Take to the stars in this year’s World of Warships’ April Fool’s event

Never one to back down for April Fool’s, Wargaming has decided to bring their virtual fleets to the final frontier. World of Warships Space Battles run from 29 March to 25 April, introducing nine Tier X spaceships and cosmic commanders. “We always strive to keep the game focused on history, ...

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World of Tanks to get major revamp in March 2018

Called Update 1.0, it will overhaul the game’s underlying technological base with an advanced CORE graphics engine. According to Wargaming, this major uplift will add a brand new graphics engine (as mentioned above), HD maps and a new soundtrack. Over 25 World of Tanks maps are getting a face-lift, and each ...

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wot blitz macragge's thunder artwork

Warhammer 40,000 descends on World of Tanks Blitz

Humanity is about to meet the Emperor’s finest in Warhammer 40,000: Macragge’s Thunder, a limited-time collaborative event for World of Tanks Blitz. Churning up the battlefield are the Ultramarines’ Predator battle tank and Vindicator siege tank, two premium vehicles available to anyone who prove themselves worthy. The Macragge’s Thunder ...

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In Conversation with Wargaming APAC General Manager, Jungwon Hahn

Welcome to the inaugural ‘In Conversation’ feature. It is a conversational series where we invite people from the gaming industry – be it Designers, Producers, General managers or even CEOs – to talk about their roles within their respective companies, give their opinions of the industry at large, or share ...

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World of Warships to get Unique Commanders and Pan-Asia Destroyers

Wargaming’s World of Warships’ Update 0.6.9 will make the free-2-play game a little bigger with the inclusion of unique “hero” naval commanders and then the Pan Asia branch of Destroyer warships.  First, let’s talk a bit about naval commanders. Normal commanders are recruited, or received for participating in events. They don’t ...

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This weekend’s Wargaming League Grand Finals 2017

On Sunday, some of the best World of Tanks players in the world will be in Moscow to battle it out in the Wargaming League Grand Finals 2017. In a new (and physically less punishing) format, the Grand Finals kick off with group stage battles on 23rd and 24th ...

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EL Gaming shook off Team Efficiency to take home US$50,000 at WGL APAC S2 Finals

In a rather one-sided affair, EL Gaming defeated Team Efficiency 7-1 at the Wargaming League APAC Season 2 Finals 2016/2017 that was held in Taipei over the weekend. EL Gaming started off as the hot favorite in the Finals, by dispatching Horsemen 7-1 in yesterday’s Semi-Final. Team Efficiency took ...

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Betting in Videogames is inevitable, said Wargaming’s Head of Competitive Gaming

Betting in videogames, or at least in competitive games like Counter-Strike: GO and Rocket League have been nothing short of controversial. But according to Wargaming, it would be naïve to think that it won’t happen in videogames eventually. I asked Mohamed Fadl, Wargaming’s Head of Global Competitive Gaming, his ...

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World of Warships to get premium ships from anime High School Fleet

At the Wargaming League Season 2 Finals 2017 event in Taipei today, Wargaming announced new details on its World of Warship tie-in with the naval warfare-themed anime High School Fleet. As with previous collaborations with the anime Arppegio of Blue Steel, this will come in the form of premium ...

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