ViewQwest is officially the fastest ISP in Singapore!

In a fast-paced society like Singapore, slow network speeds can be one of the most annoying issues to deal with. Which leads us to a bigger question: who’s the fastest internet service provider (ISP) in the country? Well, we’ve got the folks at Ookla to thank for that answer. ...

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ViewQwest launches 1Gbps Raptor Gaming, comes bundled with a Nighthawk XR500 router

ViewQwest is offering a new broadband bundle in time for IT Show 2018. Priced at $49.90 per month, the 1Gbps Raptor Gaming service offers automatic traffic optimization and custom-routing for an improved online experience. To celebrate the launch, new signs up during the IT Show will receive Netgear’s $439 ...

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ViewQwest reported as the fastest broadband provider in Singapore

With the internet playing such a core role in our digital lives, who wouldn’t want to get the best bang for their buck? creator Ookla has released its latest Market Report for Singapore, covering data collected from Q4 2016–Q1 2017. Our island ranks second in the world for ...

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