Steam Controller

Valve’s Final Piece for the Living Room Is a New Controller

True to their word, Valve does have a new form of input for their push into the living room: the Steam controller. This bizarre looking device swaps out the iconic analogue sticks for trackpads with haptic feedback and a touchscreen in the middle, surrounded by four face buttons. It ...

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Valve's Steam Machines announcement

Second Valve Announcement Involves Steam Machines, Coming 2014

As everyone expected, Valve’s second announcement involved hardware. The Steambox concept now has an official name, Steam Machines, which admittedly sounds far more impressive and would earn a steampunk nod of approval. Unless you’re one of the lucky 300 chosen to test the prototype this year, these machines will ...

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Valve Announces Free, Linux-based SteamOS

When Valve has an announcement the world tends to stop and listen, particularly if the PC gaming monolith has three of them to make. The first was made in the ungodly hours of this morning: SteamOS. “As we’ve been working on bringing Steam to the living room, we’ve come ...

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