Master of Orion – Collector's Editon announced

WG Labs (aka Wargaming Labs) has announced a collector’s edition of their first non-Tanks/Planes/Warships title (hooray!), a reboot of the classic Master of Orion. As with the standard edition, this special edition is only available digitally and will include the first three legendary Master of Orion titles, a digital ...

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Review: Civilization V Gods & Kings (PC)

7/10 – It’s been a while since game companies have used the word ‘expansion’. It’s always DLC, and we’ve all been gamers long enough to know that DLC is typically an extra skin, or a new weapon, or if you’re lucky – a whole new mission.

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Review: Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland (PS3)

6.5/10 –The last time we saw Princess Meruru, she spoke Japanese and we had no idea what she was trying to say or do. Now, thanks to the magic of localisation, we can be bludgeoned in the face with scores of squeaky voices and dialogue.

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