VR Zone Shinjuku Exterior Night

Bandai Namco opens VR Zone Shinjuku on 14 July, considering Singapore and other locations

After the success of “VR Zone: Project i CAN” on Tokyo’s Odaiba island, Bandai Namco are proceeding with their largest virtual reality entertainment facility yet. VR Zone Shinjuku, a two-storey building housing more than 15 activities, opens its doors on 14 July. For those that can’t make the trip, ...

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Ubisoft to develop next-gen Theme Park in Malaysia

You heard that right. Ubisoft isn’t announcing a new game title or franchise, but a new next-generation theme park across the border in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In a press release sent out earlier, Ubisoft revealed that the project will be led by Ubisoft Motion Pictures – the same company ...

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