Red Fight District 2013 Has The Best Trailer, Ever

Holy crap, the Red Fight District – the largest fighting game competition in the Netherlands – has churned out what could possibly be the most well-produced tournament trailer ever. Equipped with not just a solid storyline (well, solid enough for a trailer), it also conveys all info needed, and brings ...

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An Interview with Seow Zong Hui "Sonic": From Mega Man, to Street Fighter, and Beyond

Seow Zong Hui, “Sonic”, is currently one of the industry’s flavours of the month, thanks to Street Fighter x Mega Man. But just who is this previously-unknown fan from Singapore who ended up not just working for Capcom, but completely taking the world by storm with his game?

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Canada Cup 2012: DM MCZ Xian Takes Home AE & KOF13 Gold

UPDATED OCT 28 2012, 1400hrs: Early this morning, Singapore finally flew her flag for a competitive gaming win on the international stage. Ho Kun Xian, better known as DM MCZ Xian, won the country’s first major with his seizing of the Canada Cup 2012 Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition ...

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