8-Week Strife Origins Tournament Open To All

Despite entering Open Beta only two months ago, Strife is ready to have its first seeding tournament right here in Singapore. Held over eight weeks at various cycbercafes across the nation, the matches will be open to everyone and have no registration fee. Asiasoft will be giving the tournaments ...

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Leap into the Strife Closed Beta

You might remember when S2 Games last visited Singapore back in October to show off their Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), Strife, for the first time this side of the world. Now that the closed beta servers are up and running it’s time to find those keys you received ...

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Strife Southeast Asia

Be the First to Play Strife outside the US at Campus Gamefest

Asiasoft sure are on a roll. The company is now set to introduce yet another game into the Southeast Asian market, one that only made its public debut as recently as August during PAX Prime 2013. From the makers of Heroes of Newerth comes Strife, a “second-generation, free-to-play MOBA” ...

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