An Interview with Seow Zong Hui "Sonic": From Mega Man, to Street Fighter, and Beyond

Seow Zong Hui, “Sonic”, is currently one of the industry’s flavours of the month, thanks to Street Fighter x Mega Man. But just who is this previously-unknown fan from Singapore who ended up not just working for Capcom, but completely taking the world by storm with his game?

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Review: Street Fighter X Mega Man (PC)

Mega Man fans have had it rough these past two years. In 2010 the series’ co-creator, Keiji Inafune, resigned from Capcom. The following year Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3 got cancelled, leaving nothing in development for the iconic Blue Bomber.

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Capcom Announces Street Fighter X Mega Man PC Game, Made By Singaporean Seow Zong Hui

Capcom today announced the Street Fighter X Mega Man fan-made crossover title to celebrate the closing of the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary ceremonies and to kick off the festivities for the Mega Man franchise’s 25th Anniversary next year. The PC game will be released as a free download on Dec ...

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