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E3 2019: Netflix is working on a few games, including a Stranger Things version of Pokémon Go

Netflix is going all-in on video games this year, pouring resources into many different games adaptations of their original shows. Some thing back, we shared that Netflix was planning a panel for E3. Now that it’s already happened, here are all of the games they’ve shared with the crowd. ...

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Stranger Things

Go Upside Down with this cool Stranger Things’ LEGO set!

LEGO are no strangers (get it?) to pop culture, and this time they’ve set their plastic sights on the popular Netflix original, Stranger Things. * SPOILER ALERT! * They’ve gotten creative with this licensed inspiration, bringing the series’ alternate dimension into literal form with this 2,287-piece set. It’s no surprise ...

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Stranger Things 2 is looking terrifying in its second and final Trailer

The second season of Stranger Things debuts on 27 October, and the latest trailer seems to hint at a darker and horrifying tone of the popular Netflix Original series. The first season ended with the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana, reeling from the horrors of the Demogorgon and the secrets of ...

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Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 1 round-up video is a fantastic tribute to videogames

Stranger Things Season 2 will be out on Netflix on 27 October, and the latest promo video is a Season 1 round-up to get viewers back up to speed before binging on the new season – just in time for Halloween. The promo is also a wonderful tribute to ...

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