2018 Asian Games puts a spotlight on esports

The 2018 Asian Games esports demonstration started on August 26. Though only a demonstration, many take the inclusion of esports in a long-standing international traditional sporting event such as the Asian Games, as a step closer to the rest of the world taking esports seriously enough to make it ...

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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Closed Beta Starts In Two Weeks

Legacy of the Void, the second and final expansion for StarCraft 2, is one step closer to release. Blizzard have announced that closed beta invites will be going out at the end of this month, and accompanied the news with a six-minute preview video. While getting to see the ...

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Is A Mobile WCG Really Such A Bad Thing?

News of the WCG going mobile-only broke last week, in the form of a leaked letter from Brad Lee, CEO of the WCG, to the festival’s partners. We were sincerely hoping it was an April’s Fool (then) joke – since the news seemed too incredulous – but it looks ...

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