Star Wars Battlefront 2004

Star Wars Battlefront (2004) and more classics on sale at

May the 4th be you! It’s weird knowing there’s another blockbuster movie saga out there (don’t miss Tim’s thoughts on our post-Endgame world), but Star Wars is in for a significant year all of its own. We’re getting Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker in Dec, Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars ...

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Three reasons why Star Wars fans should play Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars mania is reaching fever pitch. Though December 17 is just mere weeks away, it feels as though time has slowed to a slow, tedious crawl. Fortunately, to tide us fans over the next few weeks is a brand new Star Wars game. I am of course referring ...

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Star Wars Battlefront launches today

Grab those blasters, it’s time to fight for the Empire and/or Rebellion in DICE’s latest first-person-shooter, Star Wars Battlefront. Available today in Asia for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, Star Wars Battlefront pits up to 40 players in large-scale multiplayer matches set during the original Star Wars ...

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Star Wars Battlefront Getting Dedicated Servers

In an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle at Tokyo Game Show 2015, Star Wars Battlefront Lead Heroes Designer Jamie Keen has confirmed that the online multiplayer shooter will be using dedicated servers after all. The concern arose after a Tweet revealed that Battlefront will use a new skill-based matchmaking instead ...

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