Baldur’s Gate 3 is finally happening, coming to Stadia and PC

Baldur’s Gate 3 was finally confirmed at the Stadia Connect stream this morning. The hotly-anticipated RPG is in development by Larian Studios, the Belgian team behind the critically acclaimed Divinity: Original Sin 2, widely seen as one of the best modern RPGs of all time. To have them helm the third ...

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darksiders genesis

THQ Nordic and Airship Syndicate unveil Darksiders Genesis

In my opinion, the Darksiders games have been great stuff so far. They might not have been the absolute best-in-class for action RPGs, but they certainly were pretty damn close. It’s all thanks to THQ Nordic, who’s taken immaculate care of the well-loved series, developing the Four Horsemen and letting ...

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Stadia has free and premium tiers, not launching in Asia yet

We have new details on Google Stadia from this morning’s Connect livestream. Presented by Stadia boss Phil Harrison, the pre-recorded video touched on games, territories, internet requirements and pricing. But first, what everyone needs to know: Stadia is not coming to Asia at launch. The service is headed to 14 ...

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google stadia controller

Google is revealing Stadia game announcements, release dates and pricing on June 7

In March, Google revealed a nifty little thing called Google Stadia. This innovative new gaming platform offers high quality gameplay on any device, be it phones, computers or even a smart TV. Obviously, several gamers would’ve been skeptical at this news, especially since it relies heavily on cloud streaming. We ...

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Stadia is Google’s bold plan on tackling game streaming, launching in 2019

Google isn’t stepping into the gaming arena, it’s building digital stadiums. Or Stadia, as the tech giant calls it. Revealed this morning after weeks of mixed anticipation, the Alphabet Inc. firm presented a game streaming platform that could be truly revolutionary, should its lofty goals translate to real-world results ...

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