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Interview: SIE Bend Studio’s David Lee on the days behind Days Gone

The big AAA exclusive landing on PlayStation this half of the year is Days Gone, the post-apocalyptic bike adventure by SIE Bend Studio. GameAxis flew down to Bangkok, Thailand, in Feb for a media hands-on that you can read all about here. After the demo, we were shuffled into a ...

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Preview – Days Gone has got ‘story-centric’ down to a T

Move over, Resident Evil. You and your sentient piece of tofu have had enough time in the zombie spotlight, because it’s now time for Days Gone and its Freakers to steal the show! Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) invited GameAxis to try a closed-door demo of the action-adventure game in ...

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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - SS31

Preview – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is so challenging it’s great

Hmm…I think I need to get a new dictionary. Because when I look up the word “brutal” in mine, all I find is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in there. GameAxis got more hands-on time at a private preview in Bangkok, Thailand last month (our last preview was at TGS ...

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Days Gone Collector's Edition

Days Gone Collector’s Edition goes for over $200, pre-orders now open

If you’ve already fallen in love with Days Gone then you might want to start saving. Sony announced today the local pricing and availability for various editions of this PlayStation 4 exclusive, including the $219.90 Collector’s Edition pictured above. The open-world action adventure, a first-party original developed by Bend Studio, depicts ...

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Cash in on the new year with these Nintendo and PS4 deals!

Missed out on the Christmas sales because your dough came in late? That’s a bummer. But on the bright side, you can console yourself with these awesome Nintendo and Playstation 4 deals. Sorry, the pun was too appropriate. Ahem. Over in Nintendo’s corner… If you own a Switch or ...

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god of war release date 03

GAX Game of the Year 2018

Videogames are immensely complex undertakings, no matter the scope of the project or the size of the team. With so many moving parts, interconnected systems, and tight deadlines, it can be hard to weave an in-game narrative that, once out the release door, holds up to public scrutiny. Even ...

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PlayStation 13 Days Sale crop

Save $80 on PlayStation 4 hardware with the 13 Days Special sale, starting 21 Dec

If by some forbidden magic you’ve survived 11.11, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 12.12, and all the Christmas shopping then hey, PlayStation has got stuff for you. Starting tomorrow (21 Dec) they’re running a “13 Days Special” that’ll shave S$80 off various hardware bundles, including therecent Party and HITS bundles. ...

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PlayStation Awards 2018

Here are the PlayStation Awards 2018 winners

The awards ceremony for Sony’s PlayStation Awards 2018 has just concluded, with 29 trophies awarded at an invite-only venue in Tokyo, Japan. This year’s edition, the 24th since PlayStation’s release, comprised six award categories mostly determined by sales numbers — one of them a first for the show. After opening with ...

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PlayStation Classic - Hands-on 01

Hands-on with the PlayStation Classic

There’s a freight train carrying tonnes of gaming nostalgia and it has the words PlayStation Classic on it. We got our hands all over it at Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore’s office yesterday (8 Nov), getting a feel for the controller, the user interface, and some of the legendary games shipped ...

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