E3 2014: Team GameAxis' Top Picks for E3 2014

Here we go!E3 (read: Video Game Christmas) is hours away and just as I was buzzed with excitement on the back of recent pre-show announcements, my heart was shattered with news that my most anticipated game, Final Fantasy XV, was not going to make an appearance this year. Last ...

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There Are Now Over 7 Million PS4 Owners in the World

With this many people, finding multiplayer games shouldn’t be too hard right? Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that their flagship PlayStation 4 sold over 7 million units globally as of 6 April. That’s a million units off the shelves since Sony’s last announcement in March, continuing the upward trend ...

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Mysterious PlayStation 4 Error Affecting Save Files

For some, the next-gen experience hasn’t been all that smooth under Sony’s banner. Forum posts dating back to early December show a number of PlayStation 4 owners seeing blue, quite literally too. An error cryptically identified as CE-34878-0 has been troubling users in both North America and Europe, whereby ...

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