Samurai Shodown2019 - 01

The new Samurai Shodown is coming this June!

Is this the return of weapons-based fighting games? SNK’s new Samurai Shodown is launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June, with a Switch release in Q4 2019 and a PC version sometime later. Now developed in Unreal Engine 4, the reboot takes place between the events of the ...

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SNK’s NEO GEO mini officially revealed, will have Asian and International models

Following last week’s leak, SNK has lifted the curtain on their bid in the mini-console space: the NEOGEO mini. None of the important details such as pricing, release date or the included games were announced, but we do know that the company has models for both Asian and international ...

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SNK Neo Geo Mini’s 1st details leaked

Last month, King of Fighters and Metal Slug publisher SNK teased through a Twitter post that it would be releasing a brand new game console, pre-installed with popular Neo Geo titles from the past, to celebrate the SNK brand’s 40th anniversary this year. 今年、SNKブランドは40周年を迎えます。『KOF』『餓狼伝説』『サムスピ』『メタスラ』など、SNKの作品を支持して頂いているファンの皆様への感謝の気持ちを込め、NEOGEOの人気タイトルを収録した新しいゲーム機が登場します!ご期待ください。The Future is Now! #SNK #SNK40th ...

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art of fighting definitive soundtrack

Art of Fighting soundtrack remastered for its 25th anniversary

Brave Wave Productions has opened orders for Art of Fighting The Definitive Soundtrack, a remastered 28-track album for the fighting game’s 25th anniversary. It’s available in physical CD and vinyl formats (paired with a digital download) on sites such as Fangamer an Bigwax, with global orders shipping next week. ...

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The King of Fighters XIV is coming to Steam, closed beta this month

SNK China has announced The King of Fighters XIV for PC. The game will be digitally distributed via Steam, with a closed beta test scheduled later this month. The news comes from a multi-panel King of Fighters conference held in Beijing earlier today (via Gematsu and @gatoray_kof), organized to ...

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Play The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, and other SNK classics on your browser

Over 21 SNK classics are available for cheap in the Humble NEOGEO 25th Anniversary Bundle, all of which are making their PC debut and are playable on browsers. Only Firefox and Chrome are supported for in-browser play, which shouldn’t be an issue for most people. Otherwise, the games can ...

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