samsung galaxy a 2019

The Samsung Galaxy A70 and A20 are nearly here!

Poor Samsung. Ever since the Galaxy Fold fiasco blew up in their face, they’ve been trying really hard to catch a break. However, just because the company has issues with one bleeding edge product doesn’t mean everything else deserves to get buried six feet under too. In fact, their ...

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Huawei compares its new Mate 20 X to the Nintendo Switch. Oops.

Riddle me this: what does Huawei’s Mate 20 X release announcement have in common with a supermarket? In both cases, there are apples, and then there are oranges. Strangely (or adorably), Huawei decided that directly comparing the Mate 20 X to the Nintendo Switch was more apt than say, ...

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Honor Play - Press Event 01

The $429 Honor Play has rumble, 3D sound, and an optimized gaming mode

The new Honor Play smartphone (official site) is now available in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Priced at S$429, Honor’s mid-range entry matches admirable photo capabilities and gaming chops to a 6.3-inch display, spruced up with AI additions to “make your smartphone smarter.” Interestingly, it also packs a little ...

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LG G7+ ThinQ

Try out the new LG G7+ ThinQ at Zouk tomorrow, 22 May

LG is hosting a preview of their new G7+ ThinQ flagship phone at Singapore’s Zouk club tomorrow, 22 May. Open to the public from 6–8PM, the event dangles a couple of incentives for would-be attendees, particularly fans of South Korean boy band BTS. It begins with the door gift. ...

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razer phone teaser

Razer may reveal their first smartphone on 1 Nov

Come 1 November next week, gaming hardware brand Razer may likely announce their first smartphone to the world. It would be a swift follow-up to the Nextbit acquisition earlier this year, drawing parallels to a 2008 acquisition of OQO and the subsequent launch of the Razer Blade laptops. First ...

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LG G6 review

Review – The LG G6 is still a strong Android contender

LG has seemingly abandoned their sense of adventure with the release of the LG G6 smartphone. Ditching the novel and sometimes innovative designs of its predecessors, the flagship is decidedly more safe and conventional this time around. Familiar doesn’t necessarily mean boring, however, as the Android 7.0 phone still ...

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