Tokyo Game Show 2013: Yakuza Ishin Gets a Gameplay Trailer

It’s a far cry from the glitzy streets of Shinjuku but this isn’t the first time that Yakuza has gotten a spin-off. Yakuza Ishin takes us all the way back to the Bakumatsu period of 19th Century Japan, an often popularised time where the samurai saw their last great ...

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Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2 Heading Our Way Early 2014

We snooped it out a couple months back but now, Asiasoft and SEGA have officially announced Phantasy Star Online 2 for Southeast Asian territories. In a press release, SEGA President and Chief Operating Officer Naoya Tsurumi said: “SEGA and Asiasoft will be working closely together to provide the best ...

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Company of Heroes 2

Review: Company of Heroes 2 (PC)

Where do you begin when tasked with crafting a sequel to an award-winning strategy title? That’s the position Relic Entertainment found themselves in after spending the last few years in an affair with Space Marines and Orks. They’ve since returned to the rubbles of human conflict in Company of ...

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Company of Heroes 2 Dev Diary on Multiplayer

Relic Entertainment’s hotly-anticipated Company of Heroes 2 releases next week. There have already been a few beta periods to showcase what it’s all about but if you’ve missed out on the action, here’s the latest developer diary focusing on the multiplayer. In a bid to keep things fresh, they’ve ...

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"Tan Yiling Steps Up for Geylang United" – the Football Manager 2013 Review

What is Singapore’s favourite hobby (apart from Dota 2)? Why, playing football, of course! In the second of our series of football game reviews in Singlish, Mary-Anne checks out Football Manager 2013… Wah, I cannot believe it. My baobei Alan find out he can manage Man United in the ...

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