samsung galaxy a 2019

The Samsung Galaxy A70 and A20 are nearly here!

Poor Samsung. Ever since the Galaxy Fold fiasco blew up in their face, they’ve been trying really hard to catch a break. However, just because the company has issues with one bleeding edge product doesn’t mean everything else deserves to get buried six feet under too. In fact, their ...

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Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung launches three new Galaxy A series smartphones

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new phone, now might be the perfect time to do so. Earlier today, Samsung announced the launch of its three new Galaxy A series smartphones. The all-new Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 emphasise versatility, ensuring a seamless, multifaceted user experience. As ...

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series: Dynamic AMOLED displays, next-gen Wi-Fi, and Unity optimization

For many Android users, Samsung is king, and marching straight out of the tech giant’s palace are four smartphones bearing the Galaxy S10 flag. While they’ve shoved plenty into their flagship range, we’re here to look at the things that has us gamers excited. Keep your hype meters in ...

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Impressions – The Samsung Portable SSD T5 is your best portable storage companion yet

Samsung have been creating very impressive (impressively small and fast) portable SSDs for years now, starting with the T1 a couple of years back. They also make some of the best internal Solid State Drives (SSD) in the world, frequently winning the “Best Solid State Drive” award at our tech ...

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Vainglory gets Mouse and Keyboard support with Samsung DeX

At the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked event in New York this morning (local time), Super Evil Megacorp aka creators of the hit MOBA Vainglory for mobile devices, revealed that the latest Update 2.8 patch will give players the power to play the game as if on a PC. To play ...

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Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition includes Gear VR and US$100 of in-game credits

Remember Injustice: Gods Among Us? The DC Comics fighting game received a mobile adaptation the year of its release and now, to commemorate its third anniversary, Samsung has released a limited edition bundle just for it. Dubbed the Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ Injustice Edition, this black box bundles a ...

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Samsung and Oculus Team Up for Gear VR

Smartphones, smartbands and now virtual reality headsets – train rides will never be the same again! During a Berlin conference, electronics giant Samsung announced that they’ve collaborated with Oculus to develop the Gear VR, a mobile device that’ll be paired specifically with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. The VR headset ...

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