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150 employees walked out of Riot Games’ LA office in protest

Earlier, we shared that Riot Games employees were planning to stage a walkout in early May. Yesterday (May 7), it actually happened. Kotaku reported that over 150 employees at the League of Legends developer walked out of their Los Angeles office to protest the company’s stance on forced arbitration and ...

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Disgruntled Riot employees are planning a company-wide walkout

In a stunningly predictable turn of events, Riot Games are once again making controversial headlines. Waypoint reports that employees at the infamous League of Legends developer have been planning a walkout since before they were barred from taking legal action against the company. Riot employees have been facing a ...

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Marvel is publishing League of Legends comics!

In this day and age, the question of “why?” has taken a back seat to “why not?” If League of Legends can produce a chart-topping K-pop song then nothing seems far-fetched by comparison. In their latest collaborative effort, developer Riot Games is teaming up with Marvel to produce League ...

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Hyperplay 2018: Where esports and music collide

The inaugural Hyperplay 2018 wound down at the Singapore Indoor Stadium after a full weekend of explosive gaming and lively concerts. Hyperplay was ASEAN’s first youth-targeted festival to marry music and esports, and the best part? It was free. Festivities officially launched with an opening ceremony by Singapore’s Deputy Prime ...

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Hyperplay 2018 02/08/18 01

Hyperplay 2018: Interview with Riot Games’ Chris Tran

Singapore kicked off a one-of-a-kind festival that synergized esports and music last weekend. The festival in question? Hyperplay 2018. Held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the two-day music and gaming event was powered by Riot Games and MTV Asia. It’s an official celebration of ASEAN Singapore 2018 and a part ...

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Hyperplay set to light up the Singapore Indoor Stadium with esports and music

Riot Games and MTV are tagging up for Hyperplay, an integrated esports and music festival happening this 4-5 August at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The ticketed event brings two days’ worth of League of Legends competitions and live performances, with the first wave of MTV-invited artists already announced. The ...

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League of Legends World Championship 2014 Visits Singapore

For fans of Riot Games’ League of Legends, today is a special mark on the calendar. Players and spectators around the globe are flying in for the League of Legends World Championship 2014 Group Stage, happening at our very own Singapore Expo this 25–28 September. It’s also the first ...

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Riot Temporarily Disables LoL Champion Yasuo

Just a month after his introduction, League of Legends champion Yasuo is now temporarily disabled due to a game-breaking bug. The character’s ultimate ability, Last Breath, was shown to immobilize targeted enemy champions for varying amounts of time. Riot announced this morning that they’re working on a fix but ...

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