EA is buying Respawn Entertainment, studio will work on Star Wars and VR

EA has announced plans to acquire Respawn Entertainment by the end of the year, with a deal as high as US$455 million (S$618.5 million) on the table. The Titanfall developer will join EA’s Worldwide Studios, where they will work on a game set in the Star Wars universe as ...

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Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition key art

Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition drops worldwide

For patient gamers, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as the release of an “Ultimate Edition.” That golden hour is now upon Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2, the iconic first-person-shooter that blends jetpack-infantry combat with tactical mech battles. Priced at $49.90, this digital-only release combines everything from the Deluxe Edition with ...

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Review: Titanfall 2 stands tall among the competition

Titanfall 2 isn’t ground-breaking by any means. Respawn Entertainment’s first-person shooter took the safe route with a predictable campaign, multiplayer progression that’s essentially nine years old, and core mechanics already found in its predecessor. But you know what? It’s still so damn good. Wherever the first game fell short ...

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Titanfall 2 gets open test weekends for Aug

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 releases in just over a month and, in today’s gaming landscape, that means open beta season. Gamers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will get to do just that on August 19-21 and 26-28, with first-hand access to new map modes and Titans. Here’s a ...

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Leaked Footage of Titanfall’s Closed Alpha, While Video Lasts

In the age of the internet, we all knew this was bound to happen eventually. Titanfall is currently having its closed alpha test for lucky Xbox One owners and leaked videos have already made their way online. One such 8-minute video by Original-Gamer covers a single match from start ...

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Prepare for Titanfall on March 2014, US$250 Collector’s Edition Shown [Updated]

Running towards a hulk of metal falling from the sky doesn’t usually pass off as a good idea, unless you live in Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. EA have now announced that the steel rain begins as early as March 2014. Players will choose to fight for the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation ...

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