The future of e-Sports in Singapore

To most local gamers, Singapore has never been a hub for e-Sports. They have experienced far too many setbacks, far too many missed opportunities for lack of sponsorship, and they have become jaded. Ask any local gamer on the street – he or she will say that professional gaming, ...

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US$15,000 up for grabs at Razer DotA 2 Tournament

As part of their goals to promote e-Sports in the Southeast Asian region, Razer will be hosting a US$15,000 DotA 2 tournament at the IT show taking place this weekend. The showfloor is open from Thursday, with qualifier-round matches being played in the evenings. Daytime play is reserved for ...

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Razer makes your gaming settings accessible from any keyboard with cloud storage

Razer has announced Synapse 2.0, an upcoming update to Synapse, the on-board memory feature on their line of gaming peripherals. Synapse 2.0 will allow online to-the-cloud storage of your gaming settings so you can access them from any LAN gaming shop or when you sneak an hour of game ...

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