GAX Giveaway: An autographed Evil Geniuses jersey from Razer!

Razer has been dipping their toes into all sorts of things as of late, from phones to toasters and even energy drinks. That said, the company is still rooted in games and the only thing as consistent as their peripheral launches is their involvement with esports. Last month, Razer ...

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razer respawn

Razer broadens their horizons with Respawn energy drinks

First came the Xbox branded Lynx toiletries that make you smell like a gamer (what?). Now, Razer has a new energy drink where you can taste the— wait, no, not like that. Razer’s new energy drink link is called Respawn and it’s touted as a “mental performance drink” for gamers who need that extra kick ...

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razer blade studio edition

Computex 2019: New Razer Blade laptops for content creators

Razer seems to be shifting focus from its regular gaming audience to content creators with upgraded models of the Razer Blade 15 and Razer Blade Pro 17. These ‘Razer Blade Studio Edition laptops’ have been equipped with NVIDIA Quadro RTX and GeForce RTX GPUs to give creators and prosumers ...

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Razer celebrates Star Wars with new Stormtrooper-themed peripherals

Riddle me this: what’s black and white and can’t hit the broad side of a barn door? That’s right. A Stormtrooper. Razer has decided to cash in on the Star Wars Day party with a brand-new bundle of gaming gear, themed after the widely-recognized (and notoriously inaccurate) soldiers of ...

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Project Breadwinner

The Razer Toaster is the product we’ve all been waiting for

Back in 2016, Razer teased something called Project Breadwinner. In short, it was a toaster… that made toast with their logo emblazoned on it. For whatever reason, that little April Fools’ joke and long-running gag might soon become a reality. Razer CEO Tan Ming-Liang wrote on his Facebook page: ...

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CES 2019: Razer reveals Turret for Xbox One, 22 games now support keyboard and mouse

Remember when Microsoft announced keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One, saying they’ve partnered with Razer to get “best-in-class hardware” for the console? Well, that time has come. The Turret for Xbox One is the first official, wireless mouse and keyboard combo for the stout system. It’s a mechanical ...

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CES 2019: Razer chimes in with its new Tomahawk and Tomahawk Elite PC chassis

After that SoftMiner stunt only a month ago, Razer are back on track with a flurry of tech announcements for CES 2019. One of their new products sitting in the spotlight are the new Tomahawk and Tomahawk Elite PC chassis. Designed and developed in-house, the Tomahawk is a traditional mid-tower chassis featuring ...

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Razer SEA Headquarters 2020

Razer’s new Singapore headquarters opens in 2020

After some prolific developments in recent years, Razer has decided to shift their burrow to a more upscale lair right in Singapore’s tech and innovation hub. The new Southeast Asia headquarters opens in 2020 and will serve to support the company’s growth in the region, though it’s an artist’s ...

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Razer Nari Ultimate - Review 01

Review: Razer Nari Ultimate headphones shakes up the competition — literally

Haptic feedback has been a part of console gaming for so long that it almost feels as if PC gamers are missing out. We’ve seen some attempts with gaming mice but Razer have opted for a different approach: headphones. The Razer Nari Ultimate are capable of giving your bass-heavy thumps ...

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