Sea of Thieves - Revisited 01

Sea of Thieves revisited: as bony as the undead

Sea of Thieves saw decent numbers at release as it was part of Microsoft’s Game Pass program, but now that the hubbub has died down we have to ask: what are things like with Rare studio’s pirate baby? To find out, I started a completely new game to see ...

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sea of thieves co-operation

Sea of Thieves outlines multiplayer progression

Rare’s Sea of Thieves has been slumbering in the spotlight as one of the next big Xbox One exclusives, though its lasting image has so far been: pirate sandbox, treasure, and in-game inebriation. With the 20 March release date drawing nearer, the developers took to a livestream to unveil ...

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Sea of Thieves has ship boarding, mermaids, and a technical alpha test

Rare has announced the first ever public test for Sea of Thieves, scheduled to take place from 16 to 18 December. The accompanying trailer also showcases some of the new additions they’ve been working on in the past few months. Sea of Thieves is best described as a multiplayer ...

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Interview: Rare’s Sea of Thieves with Gregg Mayles

(This article was first published on 21 June, 2016) Eighteen months ago, Rare reached the point where they were faced with the decision of what to make next. The company has been around for about 30 years and over that time they have created quite a fair bit of ...

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