Review – LocoRoco Remastered (PS4) Rolling Its Way With Happiness

Originally released on Sony’s long-deceased PlayStation Portable in 2006, LocoRoco finally deserved the remaster it deserves 11 years later. LocoRoco Remastered certainly brought back the wonderful memories I had when I first played it on the PSP. For those not in the know, LocoRoco is a 2D platformer-puzzle game where ...

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Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble (PC) Review

Truffles conjure up images of haute cuisine and huge wads of cash. Basically, these fungi delicacies are something most people eagerly wander towards. In Red Fly Studio’s Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble, we wind up doing the exact opposite. Honestly, you can’t blame Pax, our little mushroom protagonist. The trouble ...

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