“Rastakhan’s Rumble” pre-order for Hearthstone has started

ICYMI, the newest expansion for Blizzard’s popular card game Hearthstone has been revealed. The developers unveiled the gladiator-themed “Rastakhan’s Rumble” expansion at BlizzCon 2018 last week, along with the usual cinematics and card reveals. Pricing Like the other expansions and adventure sets in the game, there is a pre-order ...

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Official Halo 2 Plasma Rifle Now For Sale

Today, the official Halo 2: Anniversary Edition Plasma Rifle Full Scale Replica is up for pre-order. Built using ancient design patterns dating to before the foundation of the Covenant, the Type-25 DER is crafted using a miraculous Forerunner plasma generator reliquary core carefully wrapped in Sangheili-designed and San ’Shyuum-refined ...

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Tokyo Game Show 2013: Gran Turismo 6 Limited Editions

We’ve got a smorgasbord of racing games coming out for next-gen but the PlayStation 3 isn’t out of the running just yet. Gran Turismo 6 will be zooming our way 5 December, and while that’s enough to go on for some, Polyphony Digital and Sony have also unveiled limited ...

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Beyond Two Souls

Local Pre-Order Details For Beyond: Two Souls

We’re just one month shy of the release of Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls, the interactive drama starring Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page) and her ethereal buddy, Aiden. Investigating this psychic link is Nathan Dawkins (Willem Dafoe), a government scientist who winds up being her surrogate father. And then there’s ...

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