A Cute Flying Cat helped Gravity Rush 2 TV Commercial to win accolades

Back in January, PlayStation Japan released a TV commercial for Gravity Daze 2, better known as Gravity Rush 2 in English regions. Titled “Gravity Cat”, the live-action ad recently won accolades at various award shows, including a Gold Pencil at The One Show and two Grand Prizes at New ...

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Contest: Win a Warcraft’s King Llane POP! action figure!

Courtesy of CATCHPLAY On Demand, we have five Warcraft (King Llane) POP! action figure to give away! All you have to do is answer this question below: 1) Name any two actors or actresses starring in this movie. Ans: _____ & _____ (Hint: Search for the answer by clicking on this link ...

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International Cosplay Day Singapore Uncovered: Part 1

Those of you who’ve been wondering what the enigmatic acronym ICDS stands for can now rest easy, because RGB has the scoop on International Cosplay Day Singapore. This is the first article in a two part series on ICDS – and the need for it. 

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