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End of the line for Gran Turismo 6 in March 2018

With Gran Turismo Sport out the gates, Polyphony Digital is ready to wheel Gran Turismo 6 back into the garage for good. Online services for the PlayStation 3 title and it’s companion app, GT6 Track Path Editor, will end on 28 March 2018. Community, Open Lobby, Quick Match, and Seasonal ...

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Gran Turismo Sport (PS4) Review: Only online racers need apply

After constant delays, Gran Turismo Sport is finally here. Even though it is the successor to Gran Turismo 6, it is dramatically different from earlier Gran Turismo games before it. Gran Turismo 6 was a game of big numbers. Players could race on 71 layouts of 33 tracks, and ...

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Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 Bundle 01

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 bundle announced for $569

With exclusive console games come limited edition console bundles, and in the driver’s seat today we have Sony’s PlayStation 4 Gran Turismo Sport Special Edition. The stylish two-tone design simply bears the Gran Turismo logo smack center on both the 1TB PS4 and its matching controller, all of which ...

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PSX SEA – Gran Turismo Sport might be the most realistic driving simulator yet

At the recent PlayStation Experience 2017 South East Asia event, Kazunori Yamauchi, Polyphony Digital‘s CEO or more popularly known as the producer of the Gran Turismo series, gave a behind-closed door look of the upcoming title, Gran Turismo Sport. TL;DR, the game’s visual fidelity is so good that it’s hard to blur ...

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Gran Turismo 6 Gets New Rides in Holiday Update

It’s unfortunate how Gran Turismo 6 is too serious to let us do things like race Santa’s sleigh through the snowy Chamonix track. Discussing the merits of runner thickness and weight distribution, as well as what order the reindeers should be in, actually sounds fun in a bizarre way. ...

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Tokyo Game Show 2013: Gran Turismo 6 Limited Editions

We’ve got a smorgasbord of racing games coming out for next-gen but the PlayStation 3 isn’t out of the running just yet. Gran Turismo 6 will be zooming our way 5 December, and while that’s enough to go on for some, Polyphony Digital and Sony have also unveiled limited ...

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