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Try GT Sport and Taiko no Tatsujin at the Play Everything roadshow

If you didn’t get to visit PlayStation Experience SEA at Kuala Lumpur last month then we’ve got good news: those demos of upcoming games are coming to home territory next week. Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore is running a Play Everything (official site) roadshow at Suntec City from 21-24 September and ...

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PlayStation Experience 2017 SEA - screen

PSX SEA – PlayStation Asia’s next big leap for the region

If there’s one thing the inaugural PlayStation Experience 2017 SEA (PSX SEA) proved it’s that gamers in the region are starved for content. Held for just one day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, PlayStation Asia’s premier event saw queues snaking up to four full blocks away from the venue, attendees ...

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12-month PS Plus subscription bundled with Bloodborne, Titanfall 2, or FF XV

If you didn’t manage to grab last month’s 12+3 month PS Plus promotion then don’t worry, PlayStation Asia are back with another enticing offer. This time they’re swapping out the bonus months for a free game, all of which have piqued our attention. For reference, the regular price of ...

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Horizon Zero Dawn bow comes to life in stunning recreation

Horizon Zero Dawn is teeming with rave reviews, including our very own, and one of the many striking images associated with the game is that of Aloy and her bow – the “sling” against the mechanical “Goliaths” she faces. Neo Tokyo Project and Repla recently joined forces to craft said ...

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Campus Game Fest 2016 announced, features amateur Street Fighter V tournament

Campus Game Fest 2016 is confirmed for 24–26 June, this time pairing up with PlayStation Asia to offer a Street Fighter V amateur tournament. That’s on top of the hearty mix of exhibitions, competitions, and community events that have all been held at ITE College Central for the past ...

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Interview: Tomoaki Ayano on Street Fighter V

The heavy downpour did little to dampen a lively crowd thronging Queen Street on Feb 19. After all, they were there to witness some of the world’s best professional fighters in action, ones that hurled fireballs and hurricanes with seeming ease. Substituting boxing gloves for a well-built fightstick, Team ...

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Celebrate Street Fighter V’s launch in Singapore with Capcom’s Tomoaki Ayano

Street Fighter V is getting a power-packed launch party on 19 February 2016, with the game’s assistant producer, Tomoaki Ayano, scheduled to make a guest appearance alongside pro gamers Xian, Infiltration, and Gackt of Team Razer. Organized by BEast of the East, the same folks who gave us the ...

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14-Day PS Plus Trial! Get Infamous First Light and RE Revelations Free

It’s hard to say no to the PlayStation Plus service, as the latest batch of free games happen to prove. Starting today, members can add Infamous First Light, Resident Evil Revelations, The Swapper and Titan Attacks! to their libraries –  a decent haul for just SG$6.90 (one-month subscription). Members ...

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