The PS4 Pro God of War Limited Edition console looks fantastic!

It was bound to happen. Will Sony not produce a limited edition PlayStation 4 console for arguably its biggest first-party title of the year, God of War? Of course not! It is also quite possibly the best looking PlayStation 4 Pro console too, topping even, if I may dare say, the beautiful ...

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playstation awards 2017

Vote for the PlayStation Awards 2017 Users’ Choice category

The PlayStation Awards 2017 is soon upon us. Fans in Japan and Asia can now vote for up to five of their favorite titles and, in exchange, stand to win a PlayStation 4 Pro and a PlayStation VR set. The voting process has changed slightly this year. Once logged ...

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The Monster Hunter: World PlayStation 4 Pro is the PlayStation 4 Pro we all want

Capcom and Sony PlayStation will release a very cool-looking Monster Hunter: World themed PlayStation 4 Pro console on 7 December – before the game launches a month later. Titled ‘Monster Hunter World: Liolaeus Edition’, what’s surprising is the company’s choice of going with the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro, rather ...

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Sony is rolling out a price drop for its PlayStation VR in September

The hype for the PlayStation VR has slowed down somewhat since its launch last year. The VR headset certainly did well enough then, and was even repeatedly sold out for weeks after. But the lack of a continuous stream of good titles to support the hardware of late also ...

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Nioh Review 01

Nioh keeps the torch lit for dark Action RPGs

Nioh and I first met during the Alpha in May 2016, my eyes seduced by the idea of an Onimusha spiritual successor. That fleeting encounter left me with the impression that this was, instead, the “Samurai counterpart to Ninja Gaiden.” It turns out that neither of those comparisons is ...

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94,000 brave souls tried Resident Evil 7 on PS VR

More than 94,000 people have braved Resident Evil 7 biohazard on PlayStation VR, reports the game’s official global statistics site.  The figure is an important milestone for Sony PlayStation’s push into virtual reality, representing the headset’s first killer app since its launch in October 2016. Although the site doesn’t ...

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Gravity Rush 2 review characters

Review: Embracing the dreamy fall through Gravity Rush 2

You’ve played open-world games before but not quite like this. Just as Spider-Man 2 invoked web-slinging joy between the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan, Gravity Rush 2 elicits the same starry-eyed wonder as Kat hovers and falls through various floating cities. It’s an experience that burns itself in one’s memory, ...

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horizon zero dawn ps4 pro

10 exclusives to consider for the PlayStation 4 Pro

There are more than 53.4 million PlayStation 4 systems out there, a figure recently boosted by the launch of two new models: the smaller, colloquially-titled PS4 Slim and the larger, more powerful PS4 Pro. The latter has been particularly interesting, not least for its position as a mid-generation hardware ...

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Mass Effect: Andromeda takes off on March 21

Talk about a New Year surprise! BioWare has announced the launch date for Mass Effect: Andromeda to be March 21, 2017, just over 10 weeks from now. Aaryn Flynn, general manager of BioWare, gave a brief explanation of why the game took as long as it did. Calling it ...

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Preview: Resident Evil 7 biohazard does get better in VR

Resident Evil 7 biohazard is an important ambassador for PlayStation. The survival-horror game takes advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation VR headset, both of which are recent additions to Sony’s hardware line-up. Essentially, it’s been tasked with answering the question we’ve all been wondering: Is this ...

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