CES 2019: Razer chimes in with its new Tomahawk and Tomahawk Elite PC chassis

After that SoftMiner stunt only a month ago, Razer are back on track with a flurry of tech announcements for CES 2019. One of their new products sitting in the spotlight are the new Tomahawk and Tomahawk Elite PC chassis. Designed and developed in-house, the Tomahawk is a traditional mid-tower chassis featuring ...

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E-BLUE unveils SCION-32, a hybrid monitor and tower

PC and gaming peripherals manufacturer E-BLUE has unveiled the SCION-32 at CES 2017. A hybrid between a 32-inch HD monitor and a mini-ATX tower, the innovative product will first hit the US market in Q1 2017 before expanding globally. The custom-built machine accepts Mini- and Micro-ATX motherboards, with room ...

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