Overwatch’s patch 1.30 is now live!

Well it seems Christmas came early. Overwatch Patch 1.30 is now live, which means heroes Ashe and her omnic sidekick B.O.B are now open for public play! However, as Blizzard announced several days prior, the enormous 20GB update will require a full reinstallation of the Overwatch client. For further reference, ...

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The next Overwatch patch will need a full reinstallation

Some pretty big changes are coming to Overwatch. And it’s not just Ashe and her omnic henchman Bob. In fact, said changes will require a full reinstallation of the client, instead of just the regular patch-over. When asked about this, Blizzard responded by explaining that the sheer amount of ...

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The Last of Us - interrogation

The Last of Us Gets an Interrogation Mode

If you’re still scrambling about in the multiplayer portion of The Last of Us, then here’s a new game mode for you: Interrogation. As part of the upcoming 1.03 patch, Naughty Dog’s latest introduction is a 4v4, two-part objective game. The ultimate goal here is to find, break open ...

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