Interview: Blizzard Entertainment’s Bruce Wilkie on Overwatch

Where Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch goes, the crowd follows. This past weekend (May 28-29) saw massive queues forming in and around Capitol Theatre for the Overwatch Launch Weekend, where fans got to enjoy freebies, caricatures, and other fun activities. We slinked away from the madness to find Bruce Wilkie, Principal ...

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Gear up for Overwatch with these Razer hardware

Razer has announced that an Overwatch-themed headset, keyboard, mouse, and mouse mat are now available for purchase, less than a week from the game’s highly anticipated launch. The products in question are based on the Razer ManO’War Tournament Edition analog wired headset, the BlackWidow Chroma keyboard, the DeathAdder Chroma ...

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Impressions: Overwatch (Open Beta)

Overwatch deserves the hype. Blizzard Entertainment’s multiplayer shooter isn’t the first to have classes, nor is it the only game featuring heroes, but it has single-handedly achieved something on a scale not shared by many: reinvigorating competitive FPS. Greater than its cohesive mechanics, colorful aesthetic or international cast is ...

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