Updated: It’s all sun and games with the Overwatch 2019 Summer event!

Weekly Update: Is it Chinese New Year again? The Summer Games has eased into its second week, bringing with it a new Epic Skin for players to earn. It’s none other than Zhongguo Mei. Here’s a bit of trivia too: If you aren’t familiar, Zhongguo (中国) is the Mandarin ...

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Overwatch finally introduces a role queue system in beefy new update

We all knew it was coming. Overwatch just announced that a role queue system will finally be making its way to the massively popular game. No more full DPS teams! What is role queue? Role queuing gets rid of those 30 seconds or so of anxiety when picking a ...

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Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Logo

Overwatch 2019 anniversary event underway, adds Workshop

Overwatch is celebrating its third anniversary of monkey-pounding, revolver-shooting, mech-exploding mayhem, and as always there’s an event for players to get in on the fun. Blizzard are introducing new cosmetics, skins and emotes for its heroes, one of which was is a Gargoyle skin for Winston. Game director Jeff ...

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Check out the latest teaser trailer for Overwatch’s Storm Rising event

“Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here!” Most Overwatch players will definitely recognise Tracer’s signature catchphrase, either from players spamming voice lines, from spawn rooms or both. If you didn’t, well…now you do. In any case, everyone will be hearing it a lot more often in the weeks to come. Why? ...

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Overwatch reveals the newest hero, Baptiste

When you think “combat medic” in Overwatch, nobody’s going to blame you for glancing at Ana. No matter how you look at it, the Egyptian sniper fits the bill perfectly both in terms of playstyle and abilities. But it seems Ana might soon have some competition for that role. ...

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overwatch paris

Shoot, snipe and play the piano on Overwatch’s newest map

Overwatch is filled with environmental quirks. Take, for example the bells in the Dorado attackers’ spawn zone, or the basketball in some of the others. While these may be fun to mess around with, the Public Test Realm (PTR) exclusive Paris map really takes the cake. It didn’t take ...

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Overwatch - 2019 Year Of The Pig

This year’s Overwatch Lunar New Year event kicks off on 24 Jan

Are you ready to go Whole Hog? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, even if you aren’t a Roadhog player, the hook-tossing piggy may just take centre stage next month. Overwatch‘s 2019 Lunar New Year event, “The Year of the Pig”, starts 24 Jan and runs all the way till 18 Feb. Blizzard hasn’t ...

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“Nerfing Doomfist” is the punchline of Overwatch’s latest patch

Move aside, Mercy. There’s yet another contender for Overwatch’s “Favourite Nerf Target” award and it’s none other than Doomfist, who received his latest flurry on 11 Dec. As most players know, nerfs and buffs are part and parcel of any multiplayer game as they’re crucial to keeping things fun ...

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Overwatch Ashe & BOB

GAX Giveaway: Overwatch Legendary Edition (PC)

Update (30 Nov): Contest is over! Original: Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. We’ve all heard about it, we’ve all seen it shake-up the first-person shooter scene, and we’re all wondering just what its future holds. The game frequently sees a free trial period during major moments — like right now with the recent ...

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Hero spotlight: Aiming down sights with Overwatch’s Ashe

Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe is Overwatch’s newest playable character, with a knack for point control and mid-range headshots. Over the past week or so, everyone should’ve spent a fair amount of time playing the sassy, white-haired outlaw, and if there’s anything to say at all: she’s definitely a lot ...

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