Origin has a free copy of Dead Space and a bunch of Lunar New Year deals

Visceral Games is no longer with us, and though their final moments may have been plagued by trouble, it behooves us to remember that they made one of the finest survival-horror experiences of the last decade: Dead Space. The game bowled over curious players with its fantastic atmosphere, cool ...

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Origin’s Spring Sale Arrives With 50% Discounts

While Singapore experiences a different shade of “warm”, other countries have already settled into the start of spring. It is no secret that the seasons are linked to videogame discounts, and EA’s Origin continues this venerable tradition with a massive sale across their catalogue. The magic number we’re looking ...

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Interview With Dragon Age Inquisition Creative Director

BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition is out today, and while we spoke to Creative Director Mike about bringing Dragon Age to a new console generation, if we wil ever see a follow up to the Warden’s story, and how to deal with thousands of years of fictional mythology and conflicting canon. GameAxis: What ...

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Dragon Age: Origins Free on PC until 15 October

With BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition only a month away, it’s time to remind ourselves why we love the series in the first place. EA is currently offering the spectacular Dragon Age: Origins for free as part of its monthly On the House program via Origin. Released in 2009, Dragon ...

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Dead Space is “On the House” On EA’s Origin

The first Dead Space is, in my personal opinion, still the best of the series. The claustrophobic environments and excellent sound design all come together for a horrifying space romp.  If you’ve missed out on this boot-crunching experience, you can now play catch-up for free! EA’s Origin is kindly ...

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Origin Introduces Digital Refunds

Yup, refunds for online purchased games, even after you tried them! It seems like the good press continues rolling in for Origin, and just a week after their spectacular Humble Bundle too. EA’s digital distribution service has just introduced a refund program dubbed “The Origin Great Game Guarantee”. If ...

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