Netflix announces five new anime original shows, includes Pacific Rim and Altered Carbon

Netflix have revealed five new anime original titles at their See What’s Next: Asia event earlier today (8 Nov), adapting both new and existing licenses with the help of some of Japan’s best-known studios. Even if you fall beyond the anime-loving spectrum, there’s sure to be a title or ...

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Castlevania Season 2 Review: A Crisp, Stylish, and Complete Adaptation

We were right to clamor for more Castlevania after all. Every producer needs to take note of how crisp and clear Castlevania is when it comes to treating its narrative. Season 2 of Castlevania may only be eight episodes long but it packs a lot of action and intrigue ...

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Adi Shankar may be producing a Legend of Zelda show

If the theories are right, we may soon be looking at a Legend of Zelda TV show. Adi Shankar, executive producer of the well-liked Castlevania animation adaptation, announced on Instagram and Facebook that he is indeed working on a possible series with an “iconic Japanese gaming company.” However, we’ll ...

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Iron Fist’s Season 2 is an improvement to say the least

(Before you start I’d like to stress that this review includes heavy spoilers from Iron Fist Season 2 that includes discussion of a major plot twist as well as the finale.) I will be honest. There was a lot of hesitation from my part to watch the second season ...

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Netflix delivers big moments and surprises to Manila’s Asia Pop Comic Con

When you think of world premieres or exclusive looks, you usually think of New York Comic Con or San Diego Comic Con. Rarely would you look to your neighbor’s own comic convention. That’s certainly set to change since Manila’s Asia Pop Comic Con last July 27 – 29. And ...

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Netflix Mark Millar 18/07/18 01

Netflix is bringing Mark Millar’s comics to life

Everyone’s favorite video streaming service, Netflix, is back at it again. After announcing the renewal of Aggretsuko and Castlevania, this time they bring news to excite fans of comic book legend Mark Millar. For those unfamiliar, Millar is a comic book writer who has been in the industry for ...

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Netflix 12/07/18 Title

Netflix renews Castlevania and Aggretsuko

Everyone’s favorite video streaming service has recently unveiled some exciting news for anime fans during the Anime Expo that took place on July 5th at Los Angeles, California. Announcing two new anime series to join it’s ever-growing slate, ULTRAMAN and Cannon Busters. Netflix has also renewed the ever popular Aggretsuko for a second season. ...

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playstation plus - netflix - june 2018

Sony bundles 12-mth PlayStation Plus with 3-mth Netflix

Ever eager to jazz up their PlayStation Plus offerings, PlayStation Asia are now bundling their annual subscriptions with three months of Netflix Standard (worth S$10.99 per month). The promotion runs from now till 30 August 2018. A 12-month PlayStation Plus plan costs $43.90, and any active membership will simply ...

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Netflix’s Lost In Space reboot gets its first full-length trailer, debuts 13 April

Joining the ever-growing catalog of Netflix Originals comes a show much older than the platform — or rather, a modern take on it. Originally aired in the mid-60s, Lost In Space was a sci-fi series that followed a family of volunteer colonists hoping to settle in Alpha Centauri, only ...

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