Netflix’s The Witcher shows off Roach, Geralt’s trusty steed

Netflix has finally released a first look at Geralt’s best mate and forever companion, Roach the horse. I say finally, of course, because after pictures of The Witcher’s main cast were officially released, many of us wondered where the fan favourite horse was.  We also get another look at ...

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The Cuphead Show!

The Cuphead Show! is Netflix’s latest animated series

Netflix is no strangers when it comes to transforming video games into Netflix series — joining the likes of Castlevania and The Witcher, The Cuphead Show! is the newest video game to get a Netflix series based off the popular bullet-hell Cuphead. One of the charms of Cuphead has ...

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Netflix The Witcher

Check out Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri from Netflix’s new Witcher TV show

Netflix has finally unveiled promotional images for their upcoming Witcher TV show. Keep in mind that this series will be based on the books and not the critically acclaimed game series, so these characters might look… different.  Henry Cavill as Geralt is front and center here. One particular picture ...

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Netflix Stranger Things 3 The Game

E3 2019: Netflix is working on a few games, including a Stranger Things version of Pokémon Go

Netflix is going all-in on video games this year, pouring resources into many different games adaptations of their original shows. Some thing back, we shared that Netflix was planning a panel for E3. Now that it’s already happened, here are all of the games they’ve shared with the crowd. ...

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The Division

E3 2019: Netflix snags distribution rights for The Division movie

Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and The Division… what do all these famous series have in common? No, not Ubisoft — Tom Clancy! The highly successful novelist was undoubtedly a man of many masterpieces, and given the recent trend of game-to-movie adaptations it’s hardly surprising that a Tom ...

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black mirror season 5 miley cyrus

Black Mirror Season 5 episode details revealed!

In case you’ve missed it: Season 5 of Black Mirror releases on June 5th! This week, Netflix has provided more details on the 3 episodes, along with trailers for each of them. It’s safe to say this shorter, star-studded season will continue the show’s tradition of instilling ‘techno-paranoia’ in ...

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black mirror s5

Black Mirror Season 5 begins on June 5

Netflix has finally announced details on the long-awaited fifth season of Black Mirror, the dystopian sci-fi series that makes us all second-guess our gadgets. Season 5 premieres on June 5 with three episodes. It’s much shorter than previous seasons, which usually consisted of 3-6 episodes. However, Netflix appears to ...

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Stranger Things

Go Upside Down with this cool Stranger Things’ LEGO set!

LEGO are no strangers (get it?) to pop culture, and this time they’ve set their plastic sights on the popular Netflix original, Stranger Things. * SPOILER ALERT! * They’ve gotten creative with this licensed inspiration, bringing the series’ alternate dimension into literal form with this 2,287-piece set. It’s no surprise ...

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netflix stranger things 3 the game

Netflix is going to have an E3 2019 panel

Netflix is attending E3 2019 with a panel called ‘Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games’. The news come from an interesting Twitter exchange between the E3 and Netflix (@NXOnNetflix) accounts, with NX requesting an invite to the annual gaming conference. When asked if ...

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review - netflix ultraman - 01

Review: Netflix’s Ultraman is surprisingly great

I have very little experience with Ultraman, if I’m being honest. The most I can remember is from watching episodes and movies on the kid’s channel a decade ago. Cut to today and I’m watching Ultraman on Netflix, in an anime adaptation of a manga meant as a generational ...

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