Take a peek at the bosses lurking in NEO Impossible Bosses

Indie developer x0to1 has released a launch trailer for NEO Impossible Bosses, giving us a peek at the many trials and challenges that await in this RTS-MOBA boss rush game. The PC game has been on our radar since we first caught sight of it at STGCC 2017, immediately ...

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GameStart 2017: Made in Singapore II

GameStart 2017 kicks off tomorrow and, with it, your chance to see what our local developers have been up to. Following up on our earlier primer, we popped by a preview event to see some of these games in action, and maybe give you an idea of what to ...

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GameStart 2017: Made in Singapore

An enduring highlight of the annual GameStart convention are the booths for local independent developers. It’s a rare chance for developers and players to meet, a visible barometer for the industry’s progress, and this year twelve games have made the list. Organized by the International Game Developers Association of ...

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