Impressions: The Neo Geo Mini is a great throwback to 90’s gaming

If there’s anything that Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic Edition consoles have shown, it’s how there’s clearly a market for retro gaming. With the Neo Geo Mini, SNK is hoping to trigger that same emotional joy you had as a kid button mashing away Neo Geo classics the likes ...

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SNK Neo Geo Mini’s 1st details leaked

Last month, King of Fighters and Metal Slug publisher SNK teased through a Twitter post that it would be releasing a brand new game console, pre-installed with popular Neo Geo titles from the past, to celebrate the SNK brand’s 40th anniversary this year. 今年、SNKブランドは40周年を迎えます。『KOF』『餓狼伝説』『サムスピ』『メタスラ』など、SNKの作品を支持して頂いているファンの皆様への感謝の気持ちを込め、NEOGEOの人気タイトルを収録した新しいゲーム機が登場します!ご期待ください。The Future is Now! #SNK #SNK40th ...

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