The Civilization VI theme is turning into a full album

The uplifting music that plays in Civilization VI’s main menu and loading screens is about to take on an even greater form. Composer Christopher Tin is working ‘Sogno di Volare’ into a full-fledged album, To Shiver the Sky, much like what he did previously with Civ IV’s ‘Baba Yetu’ ...

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johto legends album cover

Revisit Johto in this orchestral arrangement of Pokémon Gold and Silver

One can only imagine how Satoshi Tajiri felt after enchanting Japan with Pokémon Red and Blue, setting the stage for what is now one of the world’s most iconic multi-media franchises. While many have fond memories of that mid-90s boom, it was Pokémon Gold and Silver — the second ...

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art of fighting definitive soundtrack

Art of Fighting soundtrack remastered for its 25th anniversary

Brave Wave Productions has opened orders for Art of Fighting The Definitive Soundtrack, a remastered 28-track album for the fighting game’s 25th anniversary. It’s available in physical CD and vinyl formats (paired with a digital download) on sites such as Fangamer an Bigwax, with global orders shipping next week. ...

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breath of fire iii remastered tracks

Materia Collective releases Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks)

Videogame music publisher Materia Collective have returned with Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks), celebrating the 1997 PlayStation-era RPG developed by Capcom. Arranger Sean Schafianski, who has an affinity for jazz, brings live performances and a new ending theme recording for the tribute album, which is out now on ...

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tankfactor key

Wargaming calls for covers and remixes in Tank Factor music competition

Wargaming is about to dip its toes in some reality programming with Tank Factor, a music competition comprising of public voting, jury picking, and stage time with Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka. What a time to be alive. “As part of a total revamp of World of Tanks’ sound ...

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Hey! Listen! Materia Collective’s ‘Hero of Time’ now taking pre-orders

Video game music label Materia Collective have opened pre-order sales for Hero of Time. The 21-track album is based on the beloved The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, brought to life by over 1,000 Kickstarter backers and a 64-piece orchestra. Fans hoping to get their hands on limited ...

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Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy returns to Singapore

It’s no secret that Final Fantasy is home to some of gaming’s best music, so it’s little wonder that they’d start holding concerts for it. Cue Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy, a symphonic world tour that’s about to make a long overdue visit. Distant Worlds first came to ...

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Interview: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius composer, Noriyasu Agematsu

If you haven’t already heard, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has a brilliant original soundtrack. It’s the sort you unknowingly hum along to after a couple of days, with tracks that deserve a distraction-free listen at least once. It’s astounding to think this is all for a free-to-play mobile game ...

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Revisit a Classic with Chrono Trigger Symphony

You may have heard of Blake Robinson and his Synthetic Orchestra by now, already popular across YouTube and among video game music enthusiasts. Having covered games like Super Metroid and Banjo-Kazooie in the past, the Synthetic Orchestra has now released Chrono Trigger Symphony: Volume 1 and so far, the ...

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