Review Vivo V11

Review: The Vivo V11 is a decent middle-ground smartphone (Updated)

The Vivo V11 is the company’s latest take on a smartphone. Adopting a full-touchscreen interface and featuring their first in-display fingerprint scanner, it’s a nifty device optimised for media streaming and selfies! However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take a closer look at what the V11 has ...

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popsockets singapore launch01

PopSockets are now officially available in Singapore

The “little life changers” are here to stay. PopSockets is an expandable grip-and-stand that works with phones, tablets, e-readers, and whatever else you can think of. It’s an upgrade to the ring grip-stands of old, and in the US has swiftly captivated millions everyday users, influencers, and red-carpet celebrities. ...

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Sky Sharks gets mobile adaptation, coming 2017

Pop culture loves sharks. These underwater predators have persisted through decades of media, from Jaws in theatres to Street Sharks on television and, more recently, tsundere sharks across the internet. So it’s only natural that they’d make great weapons platforms for sky-surfing Nazi zombies too. Surprisingly, Sky Sharks isn’t ...

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SEGA and Incubate Fund invests millions in goGame

Singapore-based start-up goGame wants to revolutionize mobile games publishing and they’ve just gotten the financial backing of SEGA and Incubate Fund to do so. It isn’t a simple matter of fortuitous chance. goGame is helmed by David Ng, former CEO of gumi Asia, a Singapore-based studio that has pretty ...

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World of Tanks Blitz steamrolls into Windows 10

Wargaming has announced that World of Tanks Blitz, their mobile adaptation of the PC-only hit World of Tanks, will soon be coming to Windows 10. It isn’t as confusing as it sounds. Windows 10 comes in a “for phones and small tablets” iteration and it is here that World ...

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Guitar Hero Live Reboots Franchise with Huge Changes

The life and death of guitar-centric rhythm games seems to parallel rock stars of yore – flashy, loud and insanely popular before drowning in its own success. While rumors of a comeback have been floating around for some time, Activision finally broke the silence today with Guitar Hero Live. ...

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Samsung and Oculus Team Up for Gear VR

Smartphones, smartbands and now virtual reality headsets – train rides will never be the same again! During a Berlin conference, electronics giant Samsung announced that they’ve collaborated with Oculus to develop the Gear VR, a mobile device that’ll be paired specifically with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. The VR headset ...

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Disney Interactive Downsizes, Loses 700 People

Layoffs are, unfortunately, no stranger to the video game industry. Layoffs on this scale, however, are another matter altogether. According to the New York Times, those 700 jobs account for 26 percent of Disney’s Game and Internet Division. Disney Interactive president, James A. Pitaro, says in an interview that ...

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Review: Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery

Logitech’s latest Apple accessory is a retro-styled console controller that swallows your iPhone and provides physical buttons for playing games. Touchscreen devices are fantastic for tapping out an email, browsing the web or even the occasional Angry Birds. But try playing complicated games and it all gets a bit ...

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