Pokemon Go finally lands in Singapore, Malaysia and rest of South-East Asia

The headline speaks for itself…go go go! One month after its debut, Pokémon Go has finally arrived in Singapore! Announced this morning, Pokémon Go is now available for download in 15 countries across Asia and Oceania. This include Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and Brunei. Go collect ’em all now, folks!

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Quest Drop Announces Partnership with MOL

Southeast Asian mobile games publisher, operator, and service provider, Quest Drop, has today announced a strategic partnership with MOL, one of the largest third-party payment providers in the region. Quest Drop currently supports live and technical operations, customer support, community management, device and user testing, as well as art ...

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App Assessment: World of Tanks Blitz (iOS / Android)

At its most reductive, World of Tank Blitz is a modern interpretation of the Atari classic Combat. But this mobile instalment the of tank-based arena warfare behemoth bring flair – and considerate monetisation – to the formula. A quick tutorial teaches you nuances of manoeuvring your metal death-machine using the virtual stick, buttons, ...

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